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The Side-Hustle Go Quiz

Our 10-Question Quiz Is Designed To Help You Find Your Perfect Side Hustle!

The Side-Hustle Go Assessment Quiz

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How much time are you willing to dedicate to your side hustle each week?

2 / 10

Which type of work environment do you prefer?

3 / 10

Do you prefer to work jobs that are one-off or recurring?

4 / 10

How comfortable are you with self-promotion and marketing?

5 / 10

How quickly do you want to start earning money?

6 / 10

How important is it for you to have a flexible schedule for your side hustle?

7 / 10

How much are you willing to financially invest in a side hustle?

8 / 10

How much do you value the potential for growth and scalability in your side hustle?

9 / 10

Are you comfortable with irregular income from your side hustle?

10 / 10

How well do you handle stress and tight deadlines in your work?

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Why take the quiz?

We understand that sometimes, the hardest part about doing anything is starting out. So we developed this to help you explore a wide range of industries in the gig economy, from creative fields to service-based roles based on your strengths and skills that can propel you towards a fulfilling side gig.

Instead of guessing or trial-and-error, let our quiz streamline your path to the perfect industry match.

Identify Strengths
Explore Possibilities
Save Time
Boost Confidence